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A Jobs and Infrastructure Program to Arrest Climate Change

 By David B. Goldstein

We have the technology and know-how to rein in climate change at a profit. In so doing, we can put millions of Americans to work where they live, with good middle class jobs, while making America stronger and more competitive globally.

Part 1: Why limiting climate pollution is an economic development strategy


ost of us think of our electricity infrastructure as consisting of generating plants and power lines. But that leaves out our contribution—the consumer contribution—to the delicately balanced machine that is our power grid: the demand for energy we place on the grid. That’s because our energy usage—our residences, businesses, grid-connected devices, and soon our cars as well—is part of the grid. There remain immense savings in that usage that can be achieved even while improving comfort—savings in energy use that make our economy more efficient and competitive, while reducing power bills for businesses and residences.

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