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Searching for Sustainable Solar Policies

 By Barbara Lockwood

Far from being anti-solar, Arizona Public Service has pioneered with its customers and suppliers to bring the benefits of this clean, renewable energy source to all our customers in the fairest ways possible. 

s the very first person to hold the title of Renewable Energy Manager for Arizona Public Service (APS), I can attest to how far APS and Arizona have come in facilitating solar energy over the past decade.

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# Robert Borlick 2016-10-18 09:31
Great article!

What the author refrained from mentioning is that net metering produces the second highest subsidy for rooftop solar, exceeded only by California.

In 2015 net metering, combined with the APS tariff, produced an expected subsidy of about $3000 per KW-dc of installed capacity. Over the 25-year life of the solar panels this subsidy, combined with the 30 percent Federal Tax Credit, recovers more than the customer's entire investment in the solar facility.

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