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APPA, NRECA, Advanced Energy Econ. weigh-in on FERC’s storage proposal


By Kennedy Maize 

February 17,2017 — Public power interests and a broad coalition of high tech firms with an interest in advanced energy technologies have weighed in on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s November proposed rule on how distributed energy and energy storage can operate in competitive wholesale markets. Each took a different approach to the cutting-edge topic. 

The FERC proposal would require each regional transmission organization and independent system operator to create rules for energy storage to participate in wholesale markets. It would also make grid operators adjust their rules so that distributed energy resource (DER) aggregators can compete in wholesale markets, which could expand the market potential for storage massively for distributed resources like demand response, energy efficiency, storage, and renewables. 

The American Public Power Association and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association filed joint comments on the FERC proposal, urging the commission to focus on how the proposed rules might impact consumers. The consumer-owned power groups said, “We urge the commission to maintain as its primary focus efforts to allow electric storage and distributed energy resources to participate in organized wholesale markets for the benefit of end-use consumers.”

The groups offered four principles they say should guide FERC:

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