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Last updateThu, 16 Mar 2017 7pm

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NRDC says IOUs' efforts to increase user bills' fixed charges meet limited results


Investor-owned utilities continue to push for state-authorized increases in fixed fees for electric customers, notes a new blog from staff attorney Samantha Williams of the Natural Resources Defense Council. But they are mostly striking out. IOUs filed 34 proposals for fix charge increases in 2015 and 33 in 2016. For 2016, the NRDC analysis found that state utility regulators killed 39% of those outright, 46% were scaled back, and only 15% won approval. That’s a bit above the IOU batting average for 2015, where 50% of the regulatory requests saw strike three. According to the blog, “Commissions have kept average monthly fees in the $10 per month range,” and that “utilities in 2016 started to scale back their own ambitions.”   February 16, 2017

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