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NUG suit challenges Illinois nuke bailout


Non-utility generating interests in Illinois and their Washington-based trade group, the Electric Power Supply Association, have asked a federal court to overturn the Illinois law subsidizing two Exelon nuclear plants in the state, Clinton and Quad Cities, which have been unable to compete in interstate wholesale competitive markets. The complaint by EPSA, Dynegy Inc., Eastern Generation LLC, NRC Energy Inc., and Calpine Corp. makes the same arguments the NUGs offered in litigation over New York’s nuclear subsidy plan. The complaints argue that the state actions usurp the authority of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission over interstate markets. The complaint says the Illinois legislation “will profoundly disrupt the FERC-approved energy market auction structure and result in the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars a year of ratepayer funds to Exelon at the expense of other generators that would have been economically viable without discriminatory subsidies.” The Associated Press quoted an Exelon statement that the utility “opposes misguided and parochial efforts to block state lawmakers from taking legitimate steps to protect the environment and promote sound economic policies for their citizens.”  February 17, 2017

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